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What Our Students Are Saying

Study Guide Kit

"I knew it was time for a change and Chancellor's helped me realize my dream."

-J.B., Houston, TX

"With my signing bonus, I was able to afford a new home."

- P.S., Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"I could not have gotten my RN without Chancellor's. The CarePlan lab was the main factor in my passing the CPNE. I couldn't have done it without attending. Your website is full of caring, dedicated people whose support I needed. Everyone on your staff has been wonderful and helpful. Thank you so much for everything."

- M.H., NJ

"Before I became an RN with the help of your study guides, I couldn't make ends meet."

- M.W., Youngstown, OH

"What is so great about this program is that you do it the way you want. You are in control. I use the web help board, and it is soooo helpful. You can get test tips and it is fun to hear the progress of others. You become familiar with the other clients and it is a great support system."

- P.A., OH

"Chancellor's made such a difference. I have been a nursing assistant for 5 years and an LPN for 25 years, and now at 48, I am a GN!! You are never too old to dream big!! Once I pass my state boards, I may even decide to go on for the BSN...the sky's the limit, and we have a big universe!!"

- D.D., PN

"I really like the program. Covering that much material in that amount of time would be impossible! If I were trying to do this alone – no way!"

- M.T., MI

"I'm quite proud of myself, but I owe it all to Chancellor's. Their materials are excellent!"

- E.R., TX

"Chancellor's program is wonderful – their study guides are right on target and the CarePlan Lab is amazing – I couldn't have gotten my RN without them!"

- P.S., IN

"The study guides combinded with the CDs were very helpful. I could study anywhere, anytime, even when I was driving around running errands... no complaints."

- C.T., VA

"Everyone in the family grew to know that if Mom's books were covering the kitchen table to leave me alone... they knew there was obviously a study test in the works! They are proud of me!"

- S.C., TX

"Dear Chancellor's, I could never express in just a few words what enrolling in your at home R.N. nursing courses has meant to me, my husband, and my family. I waited several years to give your company a call even though I realized that the chance to improve my financial position was passing me by. Then one day my husband said, "Give it a try." Not only did your friendly staff answer all my questions, but walked me through the enrollment process step by step. Hearing that I had won the monthy scholarship and that this fabulous opportunity was being awarded to me completely free of charge, was icing on the cake! I highly recommend your program. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts."

- S.B., TX