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Life Span Developmental Psychology

Study Guide Kit

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ECE 3 hours $325

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The life span developmental psychology unit explores subject matter relevant to a one semester introductory course into the field of life span developmental psychology. The life span approach incorporates a variety of domains of development. The complexity of development is presented; various environmental and hereditary influences are considered throughout development.

This study guide considers topics important to the various disciplines that cover the field of developmental psychology. The physical, cognitive and psychosocial changes that occur during each stage in life are presented. In addition, various theoretical considerations are also provided concerning development of the individual over the life span. Research methods relevant to the field of developmental psychology are reviewed; issues crucial to each point in development are explored.

At the end of each unit, there is a series of questions that highlight the central points of the unit. Responding to the questions will reemphasize the central themes and study objectives of each unit. Questions offered include essay and multiple choice. The essay questions consider broader topics, while the multiple-choice questions ask specific information. At the end of the series of questions, an answer key is provided.

At the end of the study guide is a practice examination similar in structure to the Excelsior College Examination. Taking the practice exam will allow you to monitor your time in taking the test. Further, taking the exam will give you a rough indication of how your studying is progressing and what areas may need more concentration. At the end of the practice exam is an answer key.

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