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Introductory Sociology

Study Guide Kit

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CLEP 3 hours $80

CLEP exams are administered at colleges and universities

This Study Guide covers the foundational subject matter necessary to an understanding of sociology. It introduces the history of sociology, sociological theory, social processes and patterns, social stratification, and sociological study of institutions. Successful completion of this Study Guide is requisite to further study of sociology.

Understanding concepts, terms, and definitions presented herein will also support study in other fields, particularly those in the social sciences. Since nearly all human activity involves group interaction, understanding the social process also enhances learning in other areas of study.

This Study Guide contains five units of material. They are The Sociological Perspective, Social Processes, Social Stratification, Institutions, and Social Patterns. These general topics embody various sub-units, thus providing the full spectrum of an introduction to sociology.

The unit on The Sociological Perspective will address the history of sociology, sociological methods and measurement, and sociological theory. The unit on Social Processes covers values, norms, laws, roles, groups, aggregates, deviance and social control, social change, collective behavior and socialization, culture, and social interaction. The third unit, Social Stratification, contains material on social class and social mobility, evolution of stratification, racial and ethnic relations, power, professions and occupations, social inequality, gender roles, and aging. The fourth unit addresses Institutions, such as the family, the economy, the political system, education, religion, and medical. The final unit, Social Patterns, is devoted to community, demography, human ecology, and rural-urban patterns.

There are two practice exercises following each unit. For the first, space is provided to write the answers. A second (multiple choice) practice exercise is included followed by an answer key. Following the final unit, there is a comprehensive multiple choice final examination. An answer key is provided.

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