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Educational Psychology

Study Guide Kit

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CLEP 3 hours $80

CLEP exams are administered at colleges and universities

We have researched and prepared this Study Guide to assist you in preparation for the challenge examination in Educational Psychology. By following this format, you will quickly accumulate knowledge by focusing your attention on material relevant to the actual examination. Whether you use this Guide as a review to prepare for the CLEP Educational Psychology exam or as a learning tool with no prior knowledge of Educational Psychology, you will find the information contained in this tutorial sufficient to guarantee your success!

The educational psychology study guide is divided into seven units that cover subject matter covered in a one-semester introductory course into the field of educational psychology. Educational psychology is a discipline with its own theories, methods, research, problems, and techniques. Educational psychologists consider what people think, do, and feel as they teach and learn curriculum in an environment where education and training occur.

This study guide considers various theories central to the field of educational psychology, including theories of cognitive development, theories of personal, social and emotional development, theories of learning, and interpretations of motivation. In addition, special populations are considered in relation to their learning styles and their classroom experiences including culturally diverse students and students with special challenges. And finally, this study guide covers measurement and evaluation as well as research methods and techniques commonly considered in educational psychology.

At the end of each unit, there are a series of questions which highlight the central points of the unit. Responding to the questions will reinforce the central themes and study objectives of the unit. Questions are essay as well as multiple choice. The essay questions focus on global considerations, while the multiple choice questions consider important topics. At the end of the series of questions an answer key is provided.

At the end of the study guide there is a practice examination similar in structure to the CLEP test. Taking the practice examination will allow you to gauge your time in taking the test. In addition, experiencing the exam will provide you with a rough indication of how your studying is progressing and in what areas you may need to pursue additional study.

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