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Anatomy and Physiology

Study Guide Kit

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ECE 6 hours $440

ECE exams are administered at colleges and universities

The Anatomy and Physiology study unit covers subject matter that is found in an introductory two-semester course in Anatomy and Physiology. Anatomy of the human body is presented as well as maintenance of physiological function at a system, cellular and molecular level. Besides the eleven major physiological systems of the body, body fluid, and electrolyte balance, the dynamics of motion and development are reviewed.

This study guide describes the Anatomy and Physiology of the human body. The text portion of each unit is followed by study questions and multiple-choice questions to gauge your understanding of the material. The correct responses to the multiple-choice questions are provided on a separate sheet at the end of each unit. Figures are provided at the end of each unit to illustrate information presented in the text.

At the end of the study guide, there is an examination formatted similar to the Excelsior College exam. The number of questions in each content area reflects the percent of the exam devoted to these content areas. Taking the practice examination will help you determine your areas of weakness and whether you are managing the allotted test time adequately.

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