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American Literature

Study Guide Kit

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CLEP 6 hours $80

CLEP exams are administered at colleges and universities

In choosing to study American Literature as a Humanities elective in your college program, you have selected an exciting and fascinating exploration of ideas and the chance to meet hundreds of new people, some real, some legendary, and some imaginary. (Sometimes it will be hard to tell which is which. That is part of the fascination.)

Along the route of this exploration, you will learn much about the world you live in and how that world shaped you and the people around you.

In the beginning, the route may be difficult because it involves new vocabularies and challenging because some of the readings present so much to think about all at once. Keep at it and keep going with the readings. Everything will come together, and you will find yourself enjoying communication with some of the most interesting people who ever (and never) lived.

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