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American Government

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CLEP 3 hours $80

CLEP exams are administered at colleges and universities

Though many people claim not to like "politics," there is no doubt we all engage in it every day. Each of us is continually trying to use, share, and allocate power with and between other human beings. The way we systematically do this as a nation comprises American Government.

By studying American Government, you can come to understand better how to participate in the political system, and perhaps how to benefit from it. You may also develop an appreciation for how complex and difficult the task of governing an entire country can be. A deeper comprehension of both the many strengths and the notable weaknesses of the American form of government is also a natural result of this study.

This overview of the topic is designed to prepare you to pass the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) test titled "American Government."

It is not designed to cover every detail of the field, or provide everything you will ever need to know about politics. In fact, many worthwhile and interesting sub-topics are purposely avoided because covering them here will not significantly improve your chances of passing the CLEP test. The aim of this book is to teach you briefly and effectively what you need to know to establish credit for an introductory college-level knowledge of American Government.

As you read this text, pay particular attention to the terms in bold print. Test-out exams tend to be vocabulary-intensive, so these key words will be reviewed at the end of each unit, along with additional practice questions. In addition, a final 100-question comprehensive practice exam appears at the end of the book. Some people like to take the practice test first to find out how much they know already and to focus their attention on which units they will need to study the hardest. Others like to wait until they are thoroughly familiar with the material before tackling the practice test so their confidence is strengthened. Either method is entirely acceptable – choose whichever feels right for you.

If you wish to do additional reading to prepare for your test, any good college-level textbook in American Government can provide material. This text is designed to stand alone, however, in providing what you need for CLEP purposes. Best wishes as you begin your studies!

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