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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the advantage of testing out for college credits?

College is a great experience, and most people would probably agree that the best classes were in their major. But to get there, you have to satisfy general education requirements. Testing out of some of these general education courses sets you on the fast track to your degree and helps you focus on the more compelling courses more quickly.

The purpose of the CLEP exams is to reward you for the knowledge you already have or that you have gained independently. For instance, if you're fluent in a second language, you took college preparatory classes in high school, or you've experienced applicable on-the-job training, you should consider testing out. The truth is, college is expensive, whether you're going full or part time. Testing out allows you to earn the same credit hours for less money in less time.

How does it work?

So you've decided testing out might be right for you. What's next? At Chancellor's, our custom study guides help you prepare for the standardized test, whether you need a refresher course or more comprehensive study guidance. We have an extensive catalog of guaranteed* study guides covering general education topics ranging from Literature to Statistics, History to Microbiology.

Our guides are structured to let you study at your own pace and are completely self-contained, so you don't need any additional references to prepare for your exams. Most of our study guides come with CDs as well.

Who can use these study guides to test out?

Whether you're a traditional student or an adult taking night classes to earn your degree, our study guides can prove to be a valuable ally. Yes, they can save you money; testing out costs much less than taking a class. But the real benefit is saving time. Each credit hour you earn through a CLEP exam is one less that you'll need to earn in class.

Are the credits accepted at my school?

Probably. The credits conferred for testing out are acceptable at more than 2900 technical schools, colleges and universities. Chances are they're accepted at your school, too. Check with your school to determine policies regarding CLEP credits.

How do I register for a CLEP exam?

To register for a CLEP exam, request registration materials and test site information from CLEP at 1-800-257-9558 or at Select a college or university near you marked "O" (open test site). Contact the school for an examination schedule and registration procedures. You may also want to ask them about parking information. Fill out the Registration-Admission form and send or take it to the test center. You will need a check for $80.00 for each exam. Some test centers also charge a small sitting fee, which you will pay separately. You will receive your score immediately after you have taken your exam. You will also be mailed a copy of your score report. The number marked "Candidate Score" is your score.

How do I register for an Excelsior College exam?

There are three ways to register for an Excelsior College Exam:

  1. Call Excelsior at 1-888-723-9267 to order a registration packet, which will list Pearson VUE Testing Center locations in your area. Complete the form provided in the registration packet, and return it by mail to Excelsior College along with a check or money order for the test.
  2. Call the above number and use a credit card to register.
  3. Register online with a credit card at

When you receive your "Authorization to Test" letter, go online at to schedule your exam. You may also schedule your exam by calling (888) 926-9488. However, there is a $10 fee per call for utilizing the call center to schedule, reschedule or cancel your exam. You will have a nine-month "window" in which to schedule your exam. Except for exams with written responses, such as English Composition, you will receive your exam score before you leave the test center. Results for the English Composition exam typically take about 45 days.

I'm so stressed out for my first exam! Do you have any tips?

DON'T RUSH! Take some time with this exam, and study until you're sure you are comfortable with all of the material. This is the time for you to develop a routine and get into the swing of studying again. If you can, set aside time every day for studying. Set aside plenty of time to get to your exam, and try to arrive early to be sure of parking. For Excelsior College exams, try to arrive early enough to take the practice exam on the computer beforehand. Dress comfortably, and TRY TO RELAX!

What is the best way to use my CDs/audio tapes?

We do not recommend that you listen to the tapes while reading the study guide. Many of our clients study their guide and use their audio tapes as review. Listen to the tapes while you drive, walk, jog, etc. You will retain more information if these materials are used separately.

What is the passing score for my CLEP exam?

The passing score for all of the CLEP exams is a 50. You will get an immediate score report when you finish the exam.

How long do I have to wait to retake an exam?

If you fail a CLEP exam, you have to wait six months before you can retake that exam. You may continue with your studying and work on another exam while you wait to retake that exam. If you fail it a second time, you only have to wait 60 days to take it again. If you fail an Excelsior exam, you have to wait 60 days to retake it. You can repeat an Excelsior exam a total five times. You may only take it three times in one year.