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Earn Your BSN Online!

Study Guide Kit

While being an Associate-degree or diploma RN continues to be rewarding, you may have limited advancement opportunities. Achieving your Bachelor of Science in Nursing opens many doors that increase your career mobility, flexibility, and personal growth. A BSN is the minimum requirement for building a career in management, nursing education, hospital administration, and an array of specialty areas.

The nursing shortage extends across the nation, offering endless opportunities to nurses. However, many hospitals and other healthcare facilities are requiring their new hires to hold a Bachelor's degree.

BSN Solutions is here to help you take the next step in your career. We know that you understand the rewards that a BSN provides, but you may not know how to achieve them. You are a busy working professional who doesn't have time to sit in a classroom.

There is an alternative to traditional education. Colleges all over the country have risen to meet the needs of individuals just like you. Several colleges have created online degree programs that allow students to achieve nursing degrees completely online.

These online degree programs also allow individuals to "test out" of many of their general education requirements by using national standardized exams produced by CLEP, DSST, and Excelsior College. BSN Solutions provides you with materials to prepare to take these tests and pass. When you pass an exam, you receive credit for an entire semester or more of a college class without setting foot in a classroom.

Four Steps to Your Degree

Step 1: Assess Your Academic Needs

Our helpful staff will begin by assessing your eligibility, past education and future educational goals.

Step 2: Prepare to Pass Examinations

You can “test out” of your nursing theory requirements and many general education requirements through a standardized national examination. Chancellor’s BSN Learning System provides you with comprehensive study guides that contain all the information you need for each examination. Plus, most of our study guides include audio supplements, an invaluable study tool for busy adult learners.

Step 3: Complete Remaining Nursing Requirements

Once you’ve completed the nursing theory requirements, you’re ready for the clinical requirement, which is administered online. Next, you’ll proceed to the performance assessment requirements, which are completed online. Finally, you’ll enroll in the Baccalaureate Capstone, an online seminar-type course.

Step 4: Graduate from Excelsior College

After you have completed all of your requirements for the college, you will be eligible for graduation. Once you have obtained your BSN, you have several options. Having your BSN allows you to enter into management, a specialty area, or continue on into nursing education. The opportunities are endless and provide many rewards!