How to Register for a CLEP Exam

So many nurses, paramedics and physical therapists are using the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) to satisfy credits needed to graduate from Excelsior College. Passing these exams allows you to get college credit for what you already know, saving you time and money!

Clep1To get started, go to this CLEP College board site and click on the zip code button. Enter your zip code and then click “go.” Once you have chosen a site, you will need to contact the site directly to find out their registration process. With the CLEP exam available at over 1700 test centers, there’s sure to be one near you. Don’t forget to ask about service fees, transportation options and parking.

Request a registration form and the policies to go with it. Different testing sites have different procedures to follow. Test fees must be paid by credit card, money order or check, made payable to “College-Level Examination Program.”

CLEP exams are $80 (other fees may apply). Many colleges (test sites) charge a non-refundable administration fee that should be sent directly to the test center.  Contact your test site to determine its fee and payment options.

There are 33 different CLEP exams to choose from. At Chancellor’s Learning Systems, we want to help you make the leap from LPN to RN as quickly as possible. As always,contact us with any questions on your road to achieving your goal!

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  1. Rise H Hoyle says:

    I used Chancellor’s materials to prepare me for the ASN degree. I worked and was a single parent. I even worked two jobs. I didn’t have time to go through all the mountains of books Excelsior’s wants their students to read you can if you really love to read and have plenty of time. Granted Chancellor’s study guides do cost quite a bit but they take all the reading and research ( hard work out of preparing for the exams). Once I began studying their study guides. I made notes and even not cards. I did even do intra library loans on a few books to compare their books to what Excelsior wanted their students to study. I was thrilled it was all the same. The dates on the study guides might have been older but the content was all 100% the same, but to recheck I registered for the exam and paid for the practice exams. There were journal articles I hadn’t read. It all came together. I finished with honors. I managed to work and finish school while supporting my child thanks to Chancellor’s. The CPNE lab was helpful it does help preparation is your best teacher for the CPNE. Chancellor’s is the path to a new career You have to make the commitment to yourself and you can do it RN is closer than you ever imagined.

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