CPNE Simulation Lab Prep

Remember when you were learning to drive a car? The first step is study the manual, learn the rules, take a course. Can you imagine what it would have been like to then head straight for the license branch to get your license, confident that you knew every rule and regulation necessary to pass the test, without having ever been behind the wheel? You wouldn’t dream of doing that, right?

slider-1The same concept applies to completing your training prior to taking the CPNE. The simulation labs at the Chancellor’s CarePlan Lab are set up just as the simulation labs will be at the CPNE. The instructors will demonstrate each lab, and every individual attending will have ample time to perform a return demonstration and practice until comfortable performing the steps to successful completion of each station.

You’ve invested so much in your hours of study to prepare you to pass the CPNE. Don’t skip the most important step — mastering the skills in a safe, real-world environment. The more you practice each skill, the more you build confidence (just like parallel parking!). You will feel your stress melting away as you are cheered on by the enthusiasm of your fellow students and instructors.

We’ve helped students prepare for the CPNE since the 1990s. The CarePlan Lab is a five-day preparation laboratory with very small class sizes—never more than six students at a time. This unique, hands-on learning experience is designed to help prepare you to pass the CPNE the first time. Chancellor’s CarePlan Lab attendees have a much higher success rate at successfully passing the CPNE than those who skip the simulation lab step. And it comes with this guarantee: If you attend one complete week of preparation at the CarePlan®Laboratory Workshop and subsequently do not pass the Excelsior College CPNE, you are entitled to one additional week of preparation at the CarePlan® Lab for no additional fee.

Make sure you are behind the wheel when the time comes to take the CPNE.

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