A properly developed grid, one that works for you, is an essential tool during your CPNE. A properly developed grid performs many useful functions.

First, it is a legal cheat sheet. The CPNE is a nerve wracking experience. For all practical purposes, your brain is going to pack up and leave you in the lurch the minute the CE calls your name. Your grid will help you stay focused and on task during each patient care situation. It is a written reminder of all the critical elements required for each assigned area of care. The grid is written during the planning phase, before you enter the room. It is consulted frequently while you are in the room to keep you focused and to make sure you do not miss any critical elements.

Practice Grid for CPNE

Practice Grid for CPNE

The grid is also a documentation tool. Almost all information you accumulate as you perform each assigned task is written on the grid. When you have completed the implementation phase of the patient care situation and enter the documentation or evaluation phase, the grid will help you to document all that information accurately and completely.  Failure to document a critical element may result in an unsuccessful attempt.

Finally, the CE’s job is certainly less nerve wracking than yours but it is almost as difficult. She has a lot to watch and listen for. When you have a properly developed and organized grid and are willing to use it, the CE will have less difficulty following your care and find it easier to put the proper checks in the proper boxes on the scoring sheets, thereby reducing the risk that she may miss or misinterpret something that you have done. Using a grid in the room demonstrates to the CE that, although you are nervous, you are organized and competent.

The key to a successful patient care scenario or situation is a properly developed and organized grid. This has to be YOUR grid. It has to remind YOU of all the critical elements required for each assigned area of care and, in certain instances, of the order in which you must do, and document, them. Some people require a very detailed grid while others are more comfortable with mnemonics. However you develop your grid, be sure that it includes all of the critical elements for each assigned area of care. If you are using mnemonics, make sure they are in the proper order. Some areas of care require the critical elements be done in a certain order. Practice writing the grids for each assigned area of care over and over again until you don’t need to think about what belongs in each grid. Remember, your brain will have packed up and gone home by the time you get to write your first grid.

The goal here is to know the grids so well that writing the name of the assigned area of care will automatically prompt you to list all the critical elements just as automatically as picking up a toothbrush prompts you to add the toothpaste and perform the necessary actions to clean your teeth.

Trish Dyer, RN
Chancellor’s Learning Systems
Care Plan Lab Manager

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LPN to RN or LVN to RN Bridge . . . We Can Help!

Over the past couple of months, we’ve been hearing from a lot of LVNs in Texas that more and more hospitals are requiring nurses to have their RN degree in order to be considered for employment . . . and that LVNs need not apply.

Whether this is a growing trend just in Texas or throughout the country, we don’t know for sure. But we do know that RNs continue to be highly in demand. Their career opportunities and salaries are better than that of LPNs and LVNs — some earn twice as much!

We know that the LPN to RN bridge (or LVN to RN bridge) can be daunting. It’s one of the main reasons we created Chancellors Learning Systems. Our study guides and CPNE Prep Lab are proven to help busy, working adults finish their studies faster and have better success rates at passing the CPNE.

At Chancellor’s, we believe in complete transparency. There are no hidden fees or costs, no pressure to purchase anything. We are here to support your journey, to make it easier, not more difficult. We know how hard it is to work full- or part-time, juggle family, friends, responsibilities and go to school too. Your success and satisfaction are our goals.

Discover how we can help you have the degree and job you’ve been dreaming of. We don’t promise it won’t be hard work, but we do promise that we will do everything we can to help you study smarter, not harder, and get to your goal faster. Contact us to learn more.

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LPN to RN Bridge Test Prep Materials

We know you study hard . . . but are you studying smart? The materials you use to prepare for those all-important tests can and do have an impact on your examination outcomes. If you’re already employed full time and working toward getting your RN degree in your precious spare time, having the right test prep materials can make all the difference in the world.

Chancellor’s Learning Systems has the best test prep materials available for Excelsior College. In addition to the quality of our study materials’ content, there are no textbooks required, no classes to attend, and no sitting at the computer for hours. Our program allows you the flexibility to bridge from LPN to RN on your schedule, maximizing your limited time to help you achieve your goals.

To make success even more achievable, we also include audio CDs you can download to any device.  Studying this way is perfect for the working nurse who is always on the go, allowing you the opportunity to keep working on your degree while in the car, exercising, or even those rare times when you might have the chance to sit or lie down!

Finally, there are never any hidden fees with our LPN to RN bridge test prep materials.  Quizzes and practice exams are included in the cost. The study guides and CDs are shipped directly to your home via UPS — and we pay for shipping. Life can be complicated, especially when trying to juggle work and get your degree. At Chancellor’s, we make success simple. Contact us today to find out how.

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How to Register for a CLEP Exam

So many nurses, paramedics and physical therapists are using the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) to satisfy credits needed to graduate from Excelsior College. Passing these exams allows you to get college credit for what you already know, saving you time and money!

Clep1To get started, go to this CLEP College board site and click on the zip code button. Enter your zip code and then click “go.” Once you have chosen a site, you will need to contact the site directly to find out their registration process. With the CLEP exam available at over 1700 test centers, there’s sure to be one near you. Don’t forget to ask about service fees, transportation options and parking.

Request a registration form and the policies to go with it. Different testing sites have different procedures to follow. Test fees must be paid by credit card, money order or check, made payable to “College-Level Examination Program.”

CLEP exams are $80 (other fees may apply). Many colleges (test sites) charge a non-refundable administration fee that should be sent directly to the test center.  Contact your test site to determine its fee and payment options.

There are 33 different CLEP exams to choose from. At Chancellor’s Learning Systems, we want to help you make the leap from LPN to RN as quickly as possible. As always,contact us with any questions on your road to achieving your goal!

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Nursing Study Guides

We know how difficult it is for busy adults to find the time to go back to a traditional college. Chancellor’s Learning Systems’ all-inclusive nursing study guides will assure your success.  The study guides come with activities, quizzes, audio CDs, practice exams and our knowledgeable, helpful RN staff for support.  The audio CDs can be downloaded to any device, or listen to them in your car.   If you study ten hours per week, either listening or reading, you should complete a subject every four-six weeks, and you can use whatever format works best for you, or switch it up if you like variety.

With Chancellor’s Learning Systems, if you wish to achieve an Associate Degree in Nursing, you can use our study guides to prepare for testing out of all of their prerequisite and core nursing courses at your own pace.  These comprehensive study guides provide the material you need to know to pass these required exams. Each study guide is professionally written by top educators and contains all the important information you need to know. Essentially, we’ve done all the tedious research for you.

If you are a busy working nurse and don’t have time to sit in a classroom, this method is perfect for you. Our system has been developed specifically so there are no classes to attend or textbooks to purchase; the study guides are self-contained and comprehensive.With home study you can work full time and earn your RN on your schedule.  There are no labs or long clinical rotations; simply study one subject at a time and test out at a location near you.  When finished with required exams, there is one clinical weekend before sitting for the RN boards.

Chancellor’s Learning Systems is an educational publishing company that specializes in providing comprehensive study guides to students earning their Associate of Science in Nursing degree. Chancellor’s does not act as a college. You will earn your Associate Degree in Nursing from a fully accredited college such as Excelsior College®.

Don’t wait any longer to get started — learn more now.

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CPNE Simulation Lab Prep

Remember when you were learning to drive a car? The first step is study the manual, learn the rules, take a course. Can you imagine what it would have been like to then head straight for the license branch to get your license, confident that you knew every rule and regulation necessary to pass the test, without having ever been behind the wheel? You wouldn’t dream of doing that, right?

slider-1The same concept applies to completing your training prior to taking the CPNE. The simulation labs at the Chancellor’s CarePlan Lab are set up just as the simulation labs will be at the CPNE. The instructors will demonstrate each lab, and every individual attending will have ample time to perform a return demonstration and practice until comfortable performing the steps to successful completion of each station.

You’ve invested so much in your hours of study to prepare you to pass the CPNE. Don’t skip the most important step — mastering the skills in a safe, real-world environment. The more you practice each skill, the more you build confidence (just like parallel parking!). You will feel your stress melting away as you are cheered on by the enthusiasm of your fellow students and instructors.

We’ve helped students prepare for the CPNE since the 1990s. The CarePlan Lab is a five-day preparation laboratory with very small class sizes—never more than six students at a time. This unique, hands-on learning experience is designed to help prepare you to pass the CPNE the first time. Chancellor’s CarePlan Lab attendees have a much higher success rate at successfully passing the CPNE than those who skip the simulation lab step. And it comes with this guarantee: If you attend one complete week of preparation at the CarePlan®Laboratory Workshop and subsequently do not pass the Excelsior College CPNE, you are entitled to one additional week of preparation at the CarePlan® Lab for no additional fee.

Make sure you are behind the wheel when the time comes to take the CPNE.

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How do I pass this test?

One thing we get asked more than any other question is, “How do I pass the test?”  Your first step after receiving the Chancellor’s study guide is to get the course content outline for that particular test.  For each of the Excelsior exams, Excelsior College provides free content outline guides.  To obtain these, you may log on to the Excelsior website at www.excelsior.edu and download directly from there.  For CLEP tests, you can log on to www.collegeboard.org/CLEP.  CLEP may charge a fee for this outline.  The CLEP and Excelsior outlines will list what may be covered on the actual exam.

Once you receive the outline, use it to study the Chancellor’s guide.  First, read through the entire guide and take the practice quizzes.  Then use the content outline to reread and focus your studies.  Make sure that you know all the information in the guide, but also be sure to pay special attention to what is listed on the outline.  Once you have completed reading and studying the study guide, take the practice exam.  If there are questions that you guess at the answer or that you miss, go back and study that section again.  Also, use the .mp3 audio CD that Chancellor’s sends you.  You can play them on your computer, .mp3 player or in your car and listen while you drive to work.  The subliminal learning may just help you pass the test.  One thing to keep in mind is that these tests ARE passable.  Do not be discouraged because you CAN pass the test!


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CPNE Workshop

The simulation labs at the Chancellor’s CarePlan® Lab are set up just as the Sim-labs will be at the CPNE®. The instructors will demonstrate each lab and every individual attending will have ample time to perform a return demonstration and practice until comfortable performing the steps to successful completion of each station.
The more you practice, the more you build confidence. You will feel your stress melting away as you are cheered on by the enthusiasm of your fellow students and instructors.

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