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Study Guide System

The Excelsior College Associate in Science nursing degree requires 67 semester hours of credits. Chancellor's study guides prepare you to take a standardized end-of-course examination to 'test out' of each requirement.

Chancellor's Learning Systems provides comprehensive study guides that provide the material you need to know to pass these required exams. Each study guide is professionally written by top educators and contains all the important information you need to know. Essentially, we've done all the tedious research for you and compiled all the data in both audio and written form.

There are no papers to write or quizzes to take. You'll study the guide until you feel you've mastered the information, and then you'll take the exam at a designated location.

Six Steps to a New Life

At Chancellor's we've outlined the six steps needed to begin your new career and prepare for a brighter future:

Step 1 - Determine Your Academic Needs

The knowledgeable client services specialists at Chancellor's Learning Systems will help you begin the process by making sure you are eligible for this program based on your license status and medical experience. The majority of our clients are LPNs, LVNs, Paramedics, and Respiratory Therapists.

In order to establish how many credits will be necessary to obtain your degree, we must review your past transcripts and any other education background you have. Based on this information, we will estimate the number of credits you will need.

Step 2 - Prepare to Pass Examinations

For every credit you need, you can take a standardized, end-of-course examination to "test out" of the requirement. We provide you comprehensive study guides that teach you the material you need to know to pass these exams. Each study guide is written by top educators in their field and contains all the information you need for each examination. Plus, most of our study guides are also on CDs.

Step 3 - Take End-of-Course Examinations

After we have determined your academic needs and you have mastered the material in each study guide, you will take an examination that corresponds to that particular study guide. This is known as "Credit-by-Examination" and is the most popular and cost effective way to earn the necessary credits you need to obtain your degree. These standardized examinations are designed to measure your level of knowledge.

There are two types of examinations you may need to take. One is the College Level Examination Program (CLEP). CLEPs are multiple-choice 90-minute examinations that generally cover introductory level material. CLEP examinations are given at many local colleges throughout the United States. To locate a site near you, check out

The second type is the Excelsior College for-credit examination. You'll register for these exams through Excelsior College. These tests are three hours long and are more difficult than CLEP exams. Excelsior College exams are taken at a Pearson Testing Center in your area. Check out to find a local site.

Step 4 - Enroll with Excelsior College

After completing most of your general education requirements you will need to enroll with Excelsior College. After paying the enrollment fee, all of your existing credits and test scores will be transferred into the college. Please note that enrollment into Excelsior is a separate cost. The enrollment fee can now be financed over six months.

Step 5 - Complete Requirements for the CPNE with Help from Our CarePlan® Lab

Excelsior College designed their Clinical Performance in Nursing Examination (CPNE) program for people just like you, people who are already experienced in a clinical setting. The CPNE is a 2 1/2 -day performance examination designed to test your clinical skills. It usually takes place on a med-surg floor in a hospital. You'll spend a weekend at one of the many sites offered by Excelsior, where you'll be expected to provide total patient care for three to five actual patients.

The CPNE is perhaps the most challenging obstacle to earning your RN. By completing our CarePlan Lab before taking this examination, you'll greatly improve your chances of passing. CarePlan is the nation's preeminent preparation lab. This five-day, on-site preparation lab provides a simulated clinical. You will have use of a practice lab with study aids, unlimited access to video instructional tapes, care plan writing instruction and practice, check-off by an RN advisor, and much more. Nearly 40% of Excelsior students fail the CPNE without our lab preparation.

Step 6 - Graduate from Excelsior and Sit for State Boards

Your final step will be graduation from Excelsior College. After you pass your clinical and pay the required graduation fee, you'll receive your degree in the mail. The graduation fee must be paid in full before Excelsior will notify your state's Board of Nursing that you are eligible to sit for licensure examination (state boards). Every state has its own policies regarding this examination, and many offer computer-delivered examinations at the same Prometric Testing Centers where you will take many of your exams for Excelsior College.