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Cost & Financing for Your ASN Degree

Everyone has different needs. Some of our clients have worked toward a degree for many years and have all of the necessary pre-requisites completed. Others have never attended a college other than their LPN/LVN training. Thus, it is not always easy to pinpoint exactly how much everything will cost. However, the following guidelines will help. The fee structure is divided into three parts:

  1. Chancellor's Learning System Fees:

    The study guides you will receive from Chancellor's Learning Systems are currently priced at $375 per guide. For example, if you need to complete ten examinations, the Chancellor's Learning Systems portion of the fees will be $3,750. If you have compared Chancellor's to other publishers, you know that is a considerable cost savings.

    For your convenience, we offer pre-approved financing for the Chancellor's portion of the fees (including the nationally-known CarePlan® Laboratory). We offer low monthly payments. There are no hidden fees, and you cannot be turned down for financing.

  2. Testing Fees:

    Every time you take an examination, you pay a fee for that examination. These fees vary depending on the exam subject, but can range from $80 to $450 each. When we know exactly what study guides and examinations you need, we will be able to estimate the testing fees you will pay.

  3. Excelsior College Fees:

    Like every college, Excelsior College charges several fees related to its degree program. These fees are typically paid near the end of your program. Excelsior College charges the following fees: application fee, enrollment fee, student services annual fee, Nursing Theory Exam fees (there are 8 Nursing Theory Exams), CPNE fee, graduation fee, FCCA fee and information literacy fee. We have identified several sources which may help you pay for the Excelsior fees over time. Please call us for the current fee schedule. 1.888.837.8688