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Workshop Details

Clients say CarePlan® provides them with much needed confidence. Half of the battle is knowing what to expect and at CarePlan, you will learn the necessary details to successfully pass the Excelsior College CPNE exam.

Our instructors are experienced Registered Nurses who will take you step by step through all the things you need to know to pass the clinical exam (including stress management!) Clients travel from all over the country to our facility located just north east of Indianapolis in Fishers, Indiana.

Class Size is Limited to 4-6 People! CarePlan® class size is limited to four to six people for the optimal learning experience.

Your time will be divided between lecture and hands-on practice. At the lab workshop stations you will practice injections, sterile dressing change, IV piggyback, and IV push. You will also experience in depth study of writing care plans, and each client will have a mock patient care situation. You may practice on your instructors, or your fellow students! Everyone observes everyone else's work, which is good preparation for the actual exam.

Attending our lab can give you a huge advantage to passing the CPNE and our program is only $1,195.

For more information, call toll-free today: 1-888-837-8688 or use our quick online form to request more information about how we can help you pass your Excelsior College CPNE with our CarePlan® Lab CPNE Workshop.

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