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Why Should I Attend?

Our CarePlan® Lab can make the difference in the direction of your nursing career.

Since the 1990s, we've helped students prepare for the CPNE. The CarePlan Lab is a five-day preparation laboratory for the CPNE with very small class sizes—never more than six students at a time. This unique, hands-on learning experience is designed to help prepare you to pass the CPNE the first time.

The CarePlan® Lab has:

  • Small class sizes; no more than six students per week.
  • Diverse, experienced nurse instructors. The collective years of instructor experience of our CarePlan® Lab staff is 20+ years, with a combined 85+ years of RN experience.
  • Quality practice time. You'll have ample time for individualized, hands-on mock patient care.
  • Consistent environment. Our CarePlan® Lab is held in one location, with no need to hurriedly set up stations and supplies. You come to our professional lab and we're ready for you.
  • A full five day, intensive learning experience.
  • Convenient central Indiana location is within a one day drive of 75% of the United States population. The CarePlan® Lab is easily accessible from four major interstates and the Indianapolis International Airport.
  • Our Lab Pass Guarantee.

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