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“The CarePlan Lab was above and beyond my expectations. Your friendliness, caring and love for what you do is translated extremely well in your lab. Never once during the week did I feel like I was just a paying student who had to be taught. Everyone did an outstanding job.” Marilyn Bridnac - 6/21/2013 “I passed my CPNE on the first try. None of it would be possible without Chancellor's. I truly felt I had an advantage by going through CarePlan Lab. I would and do recommend Chancellor's over any other program.” Lisa Hurst - 5/13/2012 “I passed my CPNE after taking the week long workshop. It certainly was the reason I passed. Now I have passed my NCLEX and wanted you to know that much of what was taught in your workshop was on my NCLEX. Thank you so much.” Cynthia Miltenberger - 1/24/2012 “Very hands on. Everything is separated in a way that makes learning easier. The instructors are very supportive and optimistic. It has been a very educational experience.” David Crenshaw “My expectations were exceeded. It was an amazing lab and I feel I have made friends for life.” Kim Bishop - 10/1/2010 “I think your lab is amazing and will help me pay closer attention to details. The teachers were wonderful, immediately making me feel comfortable. It was easy to relax and I felt okay asking any questions without fearing I would sound stupid.” Crystal Golter - 1/14/2011 “Amazing experience. I feel I will take this home and practice all I have learned without the worry of doing it wrong.” Jill Dhein - 3/12/2011 “I am a very visual person and carrying out the actions during practice helped tremendously.” Kristen Watson - 2/11/2011 “All instructors gave good advice and helped increase my confidence. So glad I came. Thanks to all.” Cherylyn Strickhouser 7/15/2011 “Presentation simplified material and taught me how to study. The instructors were willing to take more time in any area you requested.” Brooke Yeager - 11/12/2010 “Everything was presented in a systematic organized fashion.” Tammy Timcheck - 7/23/2010 “I had my confidence crushed after failing my CPNE the first time (without this lab). I feel so much more confident now.” Mary Noonan - 5/21/2010 “I can say with 100% honesty, that without this workshop I would not have passed the CPNE on my first try.” Lindsay R. “The CarePlan Lab pulled it all together and made it so much clearer and concise for me to pass the CPNE the first time with no repeats.” Marcia P. “After coming to the CarePlan Lab this full week, I am confident I've earned my R.N.” Michelle B.

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