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CPNE Requirements & Tips

You are eligible to take the CPNE exam when you have completed your seven nursing exams and are within nine credit hours of completing your general education requirements. You will receive your CPNE study guide from Excelsior College upon completing your seventh nursing exam. Once you are enrolled, you may call and request that the guide be sent to you early. This is a good idea, so you can incorporate your CPNE studying with the rest of your studying.

The CPNE is 2 1/2 days of testing your knowledge. It is given on the med-surg floor of a hospital. There are many sites across the country where you can take the exam. The CPNE itself is broken down into three stages: planning, implementation and evaluation. The planning phase includes analyzing information in order to prepare a nursing care plan. This nursing care plan will assist in helping the patient reach his optimum level of health. Use of critical thinking and implementing the Critical Elements of Care into your diagnoses are essential in passing the CPNE. You must be able to use your knowledge of nursing standards of care and invaluable nursing experience to safely and correctly carry out your plan of care. You will be dealing with actual patients who are in the hospital experiencing chronic, acute or potential health problems.

The pass rate for Excelsior students is 62%. Chancellor's Learning Systems students who take the CarePlan Lab have a pass rate of over 90%. The CarePlan Lab CPNE Workshop shows you what you need to know to pass the CPNE exam. It is an especially resourceful tool that helps many students who need some realistic, hands-on practice to prepare.

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